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New Organizer Tote Bag Keeps Purse Chaos Under Control! [Design Launch]

New Tote Bag Design with Butterfly Fabric

Let’s talk Purse Chaos and how this New Organizer Tote Bag Keeps Purse Chaos Under Control.

Hey everyone! Eeeek (excitement)!  This is sooooo cool!  I found a way to manage purse chaos easily with this new organizer tote design!  How does the inside of your purse or bag look right now? I bet it’s like my bags used to look ——- MESSY!  Let me guess, you probably have some bills in there, a few pens rolling around on the bottom, some crumbled up gum wrappers you forgot to throw away when you got home from that girls night out a few weeks ago (hehe), a few of your FAVorite lipsticks, the last few receipts form when you went to the store, your checkbook and wallet.  That’s how most bags get! Oh…. and let’s not forget the miscellaneous items your kids asked you to hold onto for them when your family was out having dinner the other night. lol Sound familiar?

TaDa…. I’m sooooo excited to show you my new tote bag design that will help keep the dreaded purse chaos under control!  Do you like it?  I just love that this bag is like a tote… but, much cooler——- and prettified!  I took my pet peeve of looking into a bag/purse and seeing a “Black Hole of a Mess” and decided to incorporate organizer pockets into the design and came up with this little tote bag!

The bag body is natural color and made with durable duck fabric.  The front of the bag (shown in image) has a nice zipper pocket which I use for my shopping trips; coupons, grocery lists and any other things that I wouldn’t normally keep in my purse from day to day.

New Tote Bag Design with Butterfly Fabric

Here’s an image of the bag turned inside out so you can see how I made the organizer pockets!  There’s five pockets; three pockets plus two narrow pockets for pens or pencils.  I use the left pocket for my checkbook.  I’ve always hated having to dig through my purse to find my phone so I made the next pocket (second from the left) specifically for my iPhone.   Next to the two skinny pen pockets is the pocket I use for my chunky little wallet, but, (for this image) I put a small notebook in the  pocket to give you an idea of the pocket size.  🙂

Butterfly Tote Bag Showing Inside Open Pockets

In this image you see the other inside pocket I made with women’s feminine products in mind.  The pocket can really be used for anything else. I just thought having a nice zipper pocket would be a way for ladies to keep their feminine products discretely hidden. 🙂

Butterfly Tote Bag Inside Zipper Pocket.

You know… like most women, over the years I’ve owned many bags and purses that were somewhat expensive. Of course they always looked great, but, it seemed like I’d use them for awhile and then switch to something else.  I don’t switch the bags because of “the look or style” of them, though.  Usually, I just get tired of trying to keep them neat and orderly inside and they frustrate me… so I switch.  After I made this bag, the other bags have stayed in my walk-in closet.  (Imagine Breaking Up With a Long Time Boyfriend) Sorry, purses.  I’ve really enjoyed your commitment to me and the fact that you’ve always stayed by my side, but, I found a new purse that makes me happy.  Is it something you did? No.  It’s something you didn’t do. My new purse is a better purse that helps me feel better about myself.  I feel better because the new bag makes me look organized!  lol

So, this is my new favorite! It’s casual enough (like traditional tote) to be a everyday bag, but, with some pretty and somewhat cheerful fabric (in grays, blues, tan and white) used for all the pockets… it adds just the right amount of style without being too flashy to clash with the rest of your outfit.

Stay tuned for the Organizer Tote Bag Launch.


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