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What’s Pretti-fy and HOW do I say that? Pretti-fy is pronounced “prettify”, which is to make something prettier. We simply put the hyphen in there to stand out; to be different, to be unique.


Pretti-fy is a specialty online gift shop for pretty handmade gifts.  While Pretti-fy’s most popular signature items are the unique angel key chain charms and angel pins that sell worldwide, you can also find other pretty handmade gifts and accessories for you, your home or office!

Run of the mill – mass produced “cookie cutter” items are good if they’re just to provide you a solution to your need(s), but, they’re boring.   If you want things that only a few people in the world have, you’ll find that here.

Why Pretti-fy?

Hours of research and scouring the internet go into each new product design to make sure the Pretti-fy items are unique from any similar items being sold.   Sewn products offered on Pretti-fy are unique from design (pattern drafting) to stitch placement and/or embellishment(s).  Pretti-fy isn’t the first business to create a beverage sleeve, pair of earrings or angel pin, but, you’ll definitely see a difference between our products and what the competition is selling.

Risk Factor

Compared to licking an electrical outlet, spending all of your retirement savings on a get rich quick scheme or your husband wearing a new lacy men’s jumper suit out in public, purchasing a Pretti-fy item has no risk! Pretti-fy offers a satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy with an item, send us a message so we can help!

These days, we find our previous customers like us so much they not only come back for more but go on to recommend us to their friends and family, which makes us really happy!

Meet Amy Cheri’ and The Story Behind Pretti-fy


Hi! My name is Amy Cheri’ (Cheri’ is my middle name; pronounced “Shir-E”, as in the French word for “Little Darling”).  My mom must’ve known I’d be short! lol I’m 5’2″! I live in Arkansas with my wonderful, talented, hardworking husband; Frank, my two great boys and our super cool, but, VERY spoiled rescue dog, “Geo”.  Our boys named him after Curious George (shortened to Geo), because he was just 12 weeks old when we took him in and he was constantly into things for the first few years! Haha.  We relocated to Arkansas from our home state of California over 6 years ago.  What a drastic culture shock it’s been, but, we definitely like the peacefulness, beautiful scenery and the southern way of living.  Arkansans are strong and we like that when bad things happen, they always help their neighbors.  The Californian way of life is very busy and you don’t really see neighbors helping neighbors like you do here.  We miss the beach (#1), the weather (everyday was a good day to go to the beach in California), the good “healthy” restaurants (it’s like everything in Arkansas is fried/double fried/triple fried; even pickles and candy get fried in Arkansas lol. I have to admit, they’re kind of good though!), fresh seafood (shrimp is my favorite food in the world and anyone that knows me.. knows that shrimp is the ONLY thing I WILL NOT share with anyone! LOL ).

Creating, designing and making things prettier, has always been my passion.  My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was six years old and within a very short time I started designing crocheted clothes for my favorite doll because I didn’t have access to patterns and I wasn’t interested in purchasing any store bought doll clothes.  I wanted to see if I could make them myself.  When I was done with my doll’s outfit, I was sooo proud! It wasn’t the prettiest outfit because the only yarn colors I had at the time was pink and yellow, but, to me.. it was perfect.  The feeling of accomplishment I had from that experience led to many more years of pattern drafting and challenging myself to create new things.  I’ve been known to use a pattern here or there, but it’s rare. I prefer to create my own patterns.  Sometimes, I take an existing pattern and alter it to make it my own design.  My mom, still to this day, reminds me of when I was about three years old and I dressed myself.  Although I had pretty “girly” lace dresses that hung in my closet, I came out of my room super proud of the polka dot shirt and striped pants I chose to wear that day! lol  I’m so happy that my mom let me wear polka dots and stripes that day.  Allowing children to express themselves is how creative minds develop.

I started Pretti-fy to help fund my project organization to assist the disadvantaged on the website www.KarmaHabitat.com.  I started Karma Habitat as a way to reach out to people in need and more importantly… to help increase the amount of positive energy in the world.  That’s my mission in life and I bring that attitude to my handmade business as well. It was tough getting my shop going at first.  I knew I needed a product that would stand out from all the other super talented artisans’ products and one that would also be my signature item (to increase the positive in the world).  One day I was looking at all my beads and thought to myself.. I wonder if I can make an angel pin?! I thought… every angel pin I’ve ever seen are the standard cookie cutter “mass produced” metal pins.  That was almost 5 years ago.  I made my first angel pin that day. I got frustrated a few times and many times after that… while I tried repeatedly to create the perfect angel pin that looked modern, pretty and unique.

Here’s one of my angel pins in white. White Angel Pin handmade by Pretti-fy


There’s so much negativity in the world these days and I’m working to change that! Every time an angel sells… I smile inside knowing WE helped offset the negative with (the angel) reminding (at minimum) 3 people (the purchaser, gift recipient & me) that God’s love & grace is very much alive and every day HIS message is being shared globally (even with all that negative energy out there). Between the main site www.pretti-fy.com and the PrettifyGifts Etsy shop, hundreds of angels in at least 9 different countries are working to represent HIS love and grace. Thank you for your contribution!!! Just you having the interest & taking the time to read this, has helped my mission! 🙂


So, I’ve touched a little bit on how my shop came to be as well as how I came up with the angel pin… but, most importantly, I’d like to share why angels are so special to me.

When I was 15 years old, my Grandpa who was my favorite person in the whole world… was losing his battle with cancer.  My parents sent my brother and I on a bus to go stay with my aunt a few hours away.  We stayed a few days.  The night before we were due to return home I told my aunt… “I need to call my Grandpa’!  She said, “Honey.. it’s almost 11:00 at night – it’s too late”. I said, “No, it’s okay… I have to talk to him! Please! Can I call”?  She agreed to let me call. I spoke to him on the phone for about 15-20 minutes. I said, “Grandpa.. I just needed to call and tell you that I love you”! Our conversation lasted a few minutes longer and then we hung up.

The next morning my brother and I got on the bus to go back home.  The bus made a few stops.  When the bus stopped a third time.. I looked up and saw the very top of someone’s head enter the bus. It was gray hair.  For some reason I just couldn’t stop watching the man. He looked rugged and kind of dirty like he could’ve been a homeless man.  Normally, I probably would’ve been frightened or at least uncomfortable with his appearance and walking toward my brother and I.  I wasn’t though. It was strange. It was almost as though he had a real peaceful energy around him.  Anyways, so he walked slowly down the aisle… the whole time looking at me.  To my surprise.. he walked up to me and reached his hand out. He handed me a tiny little book and said, “Here.  This will help you.”  After he said that, he looked away.  I looked over at my brother and said.. “Oh my gosh… that man just gave me this”! I said, “Look… it’s a brand new New Testament Bible”.  I opened the bible and quickly fanned the pages and sure enough… most of the pages were still stuck together (it had never been opened).  My brother said, “Who?! Who gave that too you”? I said, “That man that just walked toward us”! I stood up in my seat to point him out and the man was nowhere to be seen! I couldn’t understand what happened to him because the bus never stopped again after that and so nobody had gotten off the bus. He was there in the flesh, speaking to me… and then POOF, he was gone.

Well, when we arrived in our town, my cousin picked us up from the bus station. He said, “I have to tell you guys something. Grandpa passed away at about 11:45 last night”.  That was the worst day of my life and the best day at the same time.  I strongly feel that the man who gave me the New Testament Bible was an angel letting me know that everything would be ok, if I refer back to the bible. 🙂

This is why I feel that my angels are special. I enjoy sending them around the world.. helping to spread a reminder of God’s message, his calmness and positive energy.  I might not ever be rich (financially) selling them.. but, to me.. I am rich in the positive energy I get from my customers and knowing how much they love them and cherish them. Most of  my angel pins are purchased so people can wear them during their wedding ceremonies to represent family members who aren’t able to be there on their big day.  That means a lot to me.  The youngest person I have that wears one of my angels is 3 years old.  The mom purchased several of them to help represent her other child who passed away before birth. She wanted them to be worn during all their family pictures and every holiday/event so the unborn child will never be forgotten.  It was very important to her that her 3 year old.. be able to wear it comfortably and that it was durable enough. She was very happy with her angels and I was happy to be a part of their family memories. If you’d like to see the angels and other items available in the Pretti-fy store, you can view them by clicking the Shop Now tab below.

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